“Our mission is to design, build and deploy the best products in the Kitchen and Bath hardware industry, going beyond the expectations of our customers”

- A.O. Product Development ForMec International -

Italian style and design, characterize ForMec International's products. Each concept is the result of collaboration with top designers and architects of the interior-design industry.

Skilled artisans analyze each detail and create prototypes that are used to create final molds for the mass production.

Efficiency and innovation are key components to meet the changing needs of customers and the market.

To guarantee success in the development cycle of new concepts, ForMec International's product managers work directly with the designers and the producers from the Furniture, Kitchen, and Bath industries.


“Quality is not just a feature that every product should have
but it is an approach to the development of all activities
within the Company”

- T.K. Quality Assurance ForMec International -

ForMec International creates successful products by combining innovative design, exceptional quality and unmatched customer service.

Throughout the development process, from the concept creation to the distribution of the finished product on the market, the standard parameters that must be guaranteed and any improvements necessary to achieve them, are defined with the customer.

The quality parameters defined and shared by the staff of product development team, are constantly monitored by the group production facility by the Quality Assurance team.

The support team can make changes to products by implementing improvement policies in real time, without slowing the production cycle. Every employee knows the impact of quality and the attention to detail on customer satisfaction and overall company results.


“The creation of a product is not the ultimate goal of our work, we support the client throughout the production process guaranteeing an excellent and timely supply chain to help drive their company growth."

- T.O. Business Development ForMec International

Formec International has always been recognized in the market for its ability to provide customers with custom solutions tailored to their needs. Not only competitive products but also warehousing and logistics services needed to make the customer successful in the Kitchen and Bath hardware marketplace.

The entire process, from order processing to shipment of products, is controlled by the company’s management system, which increases efficiency and

accuracy of all phases while maintaining the flexibility needed for each individual customer.

ForMec International starts by defining client objectives and expectations to guide them management the entire supply cycle. In the end, ForMec International offers a rare combination of consistent quality, flexible production capacity, and excellent competitive value while being proactive in finding custom solutions to customer needs.


“The strength of a product is measured in its ability to make the customer competitive within its market”

- L.L. Account Manager ForMec International -

ForMec International built its biggest factory over 10 years ago to provide its customers and to market competitive solutions and products while maintaining unmatched quality and features.

This important investment allowed the Company to build a foundation of knowledge and technology that today enables them to produce excellent products in their factories with design features and quality expected from a Made in Italy product.

Thanks to the expertise gained in the last 20 years, today the company manages the complexities of mass production of over 400 different types of handles, finishes and materials, while maintaining the flexibility to supply customers ever changing demands, without affecting product costs.

Each new product carries at least one element of innovation or feature that can further reduce production costs.