The Story.

"Through our 20 years of innovation in the industry, we have helped transform the handle, from a simple accessory to a design element"

- Ivano Carabini, President of ForMec International -

In 1987, the year ForMec was founded; Carabini foresaw that the kitchen and bathe industries needed to stimulate designers and manufacturers to create new products with a focus on modern design.

At that moment he realized that the functional accessory would become a central element of distinction of the end product as it was for many years in the fashion industry.

The companies, with whom Carabini collaborated as a sales representative,

became his best customers because they realized that the young entrepreneur had the ability to interpret their needs. Today, after more than 20 years of creating innovative products, ForMec International is a leading European manufacturer of handles for kitchen and bathroom furnishings sector.

Thanks to the experience and knowledge gained, it can offer a complete range of products and services with high standards of production quality and efficiency, guaranteeing an excellent quality-cost ratio.

The Challenge.

"Only through passion and constant innovation
we can be the winning partner for our customers."

- Ivano Carabini, President of ForMec International -

Ivano Carabini leads a team of people, distributed among the company facilities, all sharing a passion for excellence, style and the principles of the Made in Italy design.

ForMec International’s product success can be attributed to the over 20 years of experience of people working in the company and in the field. The professionalism of each collaborator has enabled the company to exceed the standards required by customers, always keeping one step ahead of market needs.

Product Marketing and Sales listen to the market and define the requirements that new products need to satisfy customers while anticipating new trends in Kitchen and Bath hardware.

Product Engineering and Quality Control, set the standard that handles and knobs will have to match in the production cycle. The constant exchange of knowledge within the company teams reduces delays; increases efficiency and lower costs while focusing on design, innovation and quality!