Product Development & Production

“We design and build our products where we can operate
in the best possible conditions”

- T.K. Production Management ForMec International -

ForMec International's products are born in Italy, where the best designers in the industry develop the concept following the tradition of the Made in Italy. Development and production of the finished product takes place in very innovative facilities, where availability of good materials and large production capacity ensures the competitiveness required by today’s marketplace.

The design of a new Kitchen and Bath hardware involves a team of specialists from each department of the company to optimize each phase of development cycle, in particular timing, costs and quality.

The planning department has acquired over the years, the experience required to effectively manage the best technology and materials used in the field, allowing the company to respond promptly to specific requests of customers, such as: new products, new finishes and customization.

ForMec International's production facility is managed by dedicated teams in engineering, quality control and production, where the products are handled in an integrated production cycle.

Offices & Warehouses

“With a solid group of operational managers, we manage, every year, the flow of millions of handles that are directed towards our customers worldwide”

- M.C. Logistic Department ForMec International -

Formec International’s headquarters are based in North East Italy, where the Executive, Product Development and Commercial offices are located.

This is the nerve center where, under the leadership of President Ivano Carabini, the company's management plans and directs activities to ensure achievement of company objectives.

The commercial team sets the guidelines for the development of the market and for all commercial activities that will be assigned to each area sales manager. Customers’ orders from all over the world are collected and then scheduled to ensure that each client has the right amount of product at the right time.

Italy is also the European logistic hub for products coming from the partners' facilities to better service customers who have requested full-service supply chain management.

Each customer has a dedicated warehouse area, where the products will be stored and processed for delivery according to the defined schedule.

ForMec International is a streamlined and efficient structure, which for over 20 years has managed the product cycle 360 degrees while maintaining a direct and immediate relationship with leading customers from the European Kitchen and Bath hardware.